Aug 10

Andrew Murdoch from VAS Panel on the Importance of Panel Management for Lenders and Surveyors



In this episode of the Edozo Property Podcast, we chat to Andrew Murdoch, Valuation Panel Director of VAS Valuation Group, a multi-faceted valuation market specialist.

Andrew has over 15 years experience as a Chartered Surveyor, registered valuer and property receiver, having previously held senior roles at Eddisons and Bradley Hall Chartered Surveyors, as well as Group Valuations Manager of Together, one of the UK's leading specialist lenders.

Talking points include:

  • The role of VAS and why panel management is important for the industry

  • The importance of relationships in the valuation journey

  • Panel management as a risk management tool for lenders and valuers 

  • How bridging and challenger lenders have become more mainstream

  • The impact of rising interest rates on valuations

  • The role of technology and data in the valuation process

Guest profiles:
Andrew Murdoch profile
VAS Panel 

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