Aug 9

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast: Bringing Innovation to Investment Appraisal

Our Co-founder James Shaw, joined Sam Wilson on the How to Scale Commercial Real Estate podcast, to discuss how companies can harness the power of data to drive transformation in the industry. James goes into depth on how Edozo creates an accurate picture of the market using multiple data sources and digital mapping. He also gives his take on the future of real estate, particularly as it relates to blockchain technology. 

Main discussion points: 

  • How Edozo started, the team and their supportive clients 
  • Overcoming the challenges in collecting commercial real estate data and how brokers can benefit from the technology 
  • The future of investment appraisal, the mistakes people make with handling data, using contextual data, and how blockchain can go hand in hand with this technology 

Listen to the full interview here 

James Shaw podcast-1


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