Mar 15

In the Proptech hot seat with IPropertyRadio

The charismatic Carol Tallon hosted edozo on, talking all things start up to scale up, gaining market traction, the impact of the pandemic and post pandemic trends.

Topics covered:

– The evolution of Edozo, from bootstrapped startup to scaling company exploring markets outside the UK

– Edozo’s different products and what problems they solve – and why these problems needed solving in the first place!

– Gaining market traction, learning from early customers, and adding real value to real clients

– Impact of the pandemic

– Post-pandemic trends in data and what’s next for the Edozo team…


Ireland’s first weekly property radio show, Property Matters, launched in January 2019 on Dublin South FM 93.9 and is now available internationally via iTunes and Spotify podcast (

Seasoned political broadcaster, Bryan Fox, and Property District CEO, Carol Tallon, team up to deliver 60 minutes of industry chat with guests from the areas of planning, construction, property and proptech.

Watch the recording here - enjoy!



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