Sep 13

Re-defining the Purpose of Real Estate with Nicky Wightman from Savills



In this episode of the Edozo Property Podcast, we chat to Nicky Wightman, Director of Emerging Trends at Savills. 

In her unique role, Nicky is focused on the future of how we will live, work, learn and play. She is particularly interested in the creation of community and culture, the interaction between the physical and digital worlds and addressing the climate and social emergency. From helping clients define their vision, to driving debate within the industry, Nicky is keen to redefine the language and purpose of real estate. She is committed to supporting and mentoring on programmes which promote entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion and which address the climate and social emergency.

They discuss

  • Tackling climate change in real estate through innovation and technology
  • How virtual working is impacting placemaking and building design
  • Nickys take on immersive entertainment and the metaverse
  • Experiential retail and what we can learn from it to attract people back to the office
  • Redefining property's role and social purpose in how we live, learn and play 

Guest Profile: Nicky Wightman

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