Mar 29

Scaling an Ultra-urban Warehousing and Logistics Portfolio in London with Bloom Co-founders Tom Davies and Sam McGirr

In this episode of the Edozo Property Podcast, we chat to Tom Davies and Sam McGirr, the co-founders of Bloom about scaling an ultra-urban warehousing portfolio in London. 

Bloom is an Investment and Development company that transform under-utilised real estate in Central London into ultra-urban warehouses, creating high quality spaces for e-commerce, on-demand food delivery and logistics operators (amongst many other innovative businesses) who struggle to source suitable industrial and logistics warehouse facilities in Central London.

Last year Bloom entered into a £250m joint venture with the real estate private equity group Angelo Gordon to scale an ultra-urban warehouse and logistics portfolio in London. In the last year they have built a £125m 4-asset portfolio with another 125,000 sq ft of opportunities in the pipeline. 

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Guest Profiles:

Tom Davies LinkedIn
Sam McGirr LinkedIn
Bloom Website

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