Jan 26

Setting the Global Standard for In-Building Connectivity with Tom Vaughan-Fowler of WiredScore

In this episode of The Edozo Property Podcast, we chat to Tom Vaughan-Fowler who is the Head of National Markets at WiredScore, about setting the Global Standard for In-Building Connectivity.

Tom provides a fascinating insight into how WiredScore have created the global standard for digital connectivity ratings in our buildings and how this impacts demand for commercial and residential property. 

They discuss:

  • Why digital connectivity is so important for the real estate industry

  • The impact of a WiredScore rating on rent and sale prices including a property valuation

  • Connectivity ratings for the BTR sector and why this is so important post Covid

  • How connectivity ratings are crucial to a companies ESG strategy

  • Different property asset classes set to benefit from digital connectivity

  • Toms personal journey to joining WiredScore after spending a decade in commercial property investment.

Podcast notes:

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