May 23

The Role of Data in the Digital Transformation of Commercial Real Estate with Dan Hughes of Alpha Property Insight




In this episode of the Edozo Property Podcast, James Shaw, we chat to Dan Hughes, founder of Alpha Property Insight. 

For many in the industry, Dan doesn’t need an introduction as he is one of the most influential voices in data and digital transformation in real estate and has previously been voted the Number 1 PropTech Influencer in the UK. 

Dan has spent his career working within the built environment having held numerous senior positions at top tier organisations including Head of Land & Property at Ordnance Survey and Director of Data and Information products for the RICS. He is also the founder of the Real Estate Data Foundation and Chairs the Land Aid Tech Network as a trustee of Land Aid, the property industry charity that aims to end youth homelessness in the UK. 

​In this episode, Dan gives us a fascinating insight into how data is transforming commercial real estate and some of the many topics covered include:

  • Dans background and career and how he got into data and technology

  • How data is being used to measure the impact on people and the environment 

  • Using new data sets beyond cashflow and comparables in the valuation process and the challenges this brings for the industry 

  • Dans take on using Digital Twins in commercial property

  • The role of institutional landlords and governing bodies in facilitating data sharing as an industry

  • The importance of having a common identifier for all UK property and use of UPRN’s 

  • Dans brilliant work with the Real Estate Data Foundation and the Land Aid Tech Network 

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