Jan 21

Edozo featured in TechRound's Predictions for 2022: The Transition Of Tech From Desire To Necessity

What’s next for real estate technology? Will it continue to thrive and grow, or will it face a sudden demise? It is hard to make a case for the latter given the billions of dollars poured into the sector over the last year, but trends can act as reliable indicators for what might happen next.

Marcus Ginn, CEO of Edozo responded:

“The enormous challenges of the past 18 months are starting to drive innovation in the way commercial real estate is transacted. As a result, in 2022 we can expect to see a notable increase in the use of technologies like AI, as well as a steady move from data aggregation to process automation, as firms bid to stay competitive.

At present, the UK market for digital listings and transaction management lags far behind many other markets. However, by accelerating technology adoption, the commercial real estate industry can markedly improve transparency, efficiency and liquidity.

Of course, there will be some sub-markets that will rise to the challenge of doing so more quickly than others – notably the logistics sector – whilst others will continue to resist change. However, the reality is that failing to innovate will only result in companies struggling to stay competitive in an increasingly digitally-driven landscape.”

Full the article in full here.


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