Edozo Platform: More accurate data and 75% faster valuation reports.


edozo Insight

Thousands of commercial property
transaction comps

edozo Occupiers

Comprehensive occupier data for high street, retail parks and shopping centres

edozo Reports

Better valuation reports in less time



edozo Maps

Best in class OS mapping
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edozo Insight

Transaction data the way it should be.

You need a better source of commercial property comparables. Edozo provides UK-wide transaction evidence at a fairer price, plus the ability to visualise your own data.



edozo Occupiers

The most comprehensive occupier plans.

Researching commercial occupiers can be expensive, slow, and often inaccurate.

Edozo Occupiers is the solution. It provides the widest coverage of up-to-date high street, retail park, shopping centre and leisure occupiers across the UK.

It’s also easy to use and fairly priced, as you would expect from Edozo.



edozo Reports

Next-level valuation reports. In seconds. 

Edozo Platform automates valuation reports, improving accuracy and speed of production. 

We aggregate all 12 statutory enquiries into a custom styled report and integrate with other Edozo products, so your valuation reports can also contain comparables, occupier data and a set of customisable maps.



edozo Maps

Accurate property maps in a single click.

Traditional mapping solutions can be clunky and overpriced, so we worked with you to produce Edozo Maps - a simpler, faster, better product.

Edozo Maps combines a full range of mapping layers and tools with our unique single-click technology™, enabling you to create an accurate title boundary in seconds.

Export more intuitive data layers in CAD ready format.

Edozo Maps is used by 1000s of property and built environment professionals including top UK valuers, agents, architects and town planners.

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Contact us to learn more about digital property mapping as it should be.