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Is there an annual subscription fee?

No, you only pay for the maps you use

How do I sign up?

Email hello@edozo.com or book a demo with us here Book Demo

Does Edozo provide a full range of OS maps?

Yes, including: MasterMap®, City, Street, Town, Miniscale, Raster, VML, Aerial and Google maps

Why are Edozo Maps faster and more accurate?

Simple product design and our unique one-click boundary maps functionality using Auto-Polygon™

How do you pay for Edozo Maps?

You will be billed monthly via variable direct debit

Can I save my maps at any stage?

Yes, and you can edit them once they are finished

Can I export the maps for my reports?

Yes, you can download JPEG, PNG or PDF in a single click

Are the maps RICS and Land Registry compliant?

Yes, our maps can be used in valuation reports and planning submissions

Can I change the scale and size of my maps?

Yes, by choosing from a range of map scales and sizes or setting a ‘custom scale’ using our simple functionality

Does Edozo Maps work across all browsers?

Yes, although we recommend Google Chrome

Can I get training on the product?

We provide free and unlimited training. We also provide access to our training library with a suite of simple training videos - Book your training here: Book Training

What if I need further assistance? Will there be someone I can talk to?

There will always be a friendly member of the Edozo team at the end of the telephone 0207 0467 803

My files are taking a long time to generate. Is this normal?

Yes, CAD Data files take longer to generate than normal mapping files. The download speed varies depending on size and number of features included in the export. Logging out of the system will not affect download speeds.

Is there a maximum size I can download?

Yes, the system only allows you to export files smaller than 200ha

Is there a minium size I can download?

Yes, the system only allows you to export files larger than 0.03ha

Can I create a CAD export from any mapping layer?

No, the CAD functionality is only available on the OS MasterMap layer

Can I add a job reference to my CAD export?

Yes, a pop up will appear when you select the OS MasterMap layer. Adding a job reference here will ensure it is included on your monthly usage report. One can also be added in the 'Name your file' section.

Where can I see the size of my CAD export?

Once you have selected an area on the map, the size will appear in metric units in the drawing tools section

Can I edit my area?

Yes, once you have positioned your area on the map use the red outline to increase or decrease the size of the area selected

Can I 'free draw' my area?

The ability to free draw an area is not currently available. It is due to be launched very soon

Are the different layers labelled?

Yes, this is one of our USPs. When you load the data into your CAD software each label is clearly defined.



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