May 10

Edozo hosts launch party at the Soho Hotel to celebrate new products

20th April 2022 saw us meet with investors, clients, press, shareholders, friends and family of the business at the quirky bar and screening room at The Soho Hotel, to showcase our two new products launched this year: 

👏 Edozo Occupiers – The UK’s only cross-sector occupier plans with Retail, Leisure, Industrial & Office occupiers.  
👏 Edozo Insight – Thousands of UK-wide commercial property comparables. 

Marcus Ginn, our CEO, brought to life our "superhero" theme, referring to commercial surveyors to "Super Surveyors" and the Edozo team as the "The Edozoers". His belief is that Commercial Surveyors use their superpowers to value, lease, and manage real estate and although they do this well, they can be held back by their ‘Kryptonite’ - outdated systems and technology. The Edozoers provide better technology to make property research and valuation easier, faster and more accurate.  

Everyone reflected on how far Edozo has come over the last few years. We cannot thank enough our clients, shareholders, and partners for believing in the business and helping us get to this moment in time. 

“Our founding team comes from the CRE sector and we remain passionate about enabling our clients to work faster and smarter, supported by better technology and data’’ 

Marcus Ginn, Edozo Co-founder and CEO 

A huge well done to the team at Edozo who consistently go above and beyond to create a better platform and user experience for our commercial property clients.  


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