Jul 26

Property Week “In conversation with “ - CEO, Marcus Ginn on Edozo and the CRE industry

“... the market said what else can you do to solve our problems to make research and valuation in the commercial property sector so much easier, and that was what drove the release of our two latest products...” 

Listen to edozo CEO, Marcus Ginn in the recent Property Week's "In conversation with" series. Hear what he has to say about edozo, the journey we took to becoming the multi-product platform we are today, and our view on the challenges and opportunities facing the CRE industry.  

The conversation provides insight into what drives us, our clients and how we support them. Find out everything you need to know about edozo in just a few minutes. 

Put simply - edozo is a commercial property valuation platform combining best-in-class digital mapping with occupier plans, transaction data and automation tools for agents, valuers, developers, investors and architects. 

Well worth a watch and a listen.


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