Apr 19

The World Property Journal: Edozo Identifies The Big Trends Speeding Real Estate Digitisation

Investment and interest in real estate technology has never been greater, as a traditional industry looks to streamline processes and adjust to various new challenges and demands. But what are some of the big trends driving actual adoption of innovation and technology? Three real estate technology experts share their views.

Marcus Ginn, CEO of Edozo

"Over the last two to three years, the property industry has in many ways been forced to adopt new technologies. Ultimately, this has led to a shift from technologies being seen as nice-to-have vitamins, to headache-busting aspirins, central to the vitality, health and success of the marketplace.

Digitisation will inevitably facilitate better user experiences with easy to navigate platforms and functionality that far outstrip that of clunky and outdated legacy systems. It is this competition with legacy providers which will continue to drive digitisation and ultimately result in the 'survival of the fittest'. This will create efficiency gains across the sector as dated manual operations are replaced with digitised and automated processes."

Read the article in full here, alongside the views of Oli Farago, CEO of Coyote Software and Peter Bredthauer, CEO of PRODA.


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