Aug 9

The World Property Journal: Edozo's new product suite snapped up by 50 commercial property consultancies in the North West of England

"Edozo is solving a real pain-point across the real estate sector. The new product suite simply does what it needs to, making our job more efficient and accurate. Edozo's mapping tools combined with their comparable evidence gives us access to important data in one place, allowing for a higher degree of analysis."  - Ian Kite, HWM Surveyors -

Edozo has signed new partnerships with more than 50 real estate firms in the North West of England, following the launch of its latest product suite. The deals, which span Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Warrington, see Edozo become the most utilised property mapping and data platform across the region, as firms look to digitise their operations. 

Alongside the large national consultancies, Edozo works with companies in Manchester and Liverpool including Roger Hannah, Kroll Real Estate Advisory, Mason Partners and SK Real Estate. Elsewhere, in Bolton and Blackpool, Edozo's platform is used by the likes of HWM Surveyors and Trevor Dawson. 

“Over the last two years, we’ve listened really carefully to what the market needs and have acted accordingly to develop our products to meet these needs. Our success in the North West is a testament to the consolidation of the Edozo platform and its features. What we do is simple, but it’s done right. Simplicity doesn’t mean basic, it means easy to use solutions that solve genuine problems facing the market.” - Marcus Ginn, Edozo -

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