Maps Made Easy.

We heard time and again from property professionals that one of their biggest frustrations was having to use clunky software to create maps for their reports.

So, here at Edozo we set about solving that problem and brought together a team of experts that combined decades of property experience with cutting edge technology expertise.

The result was Edozo’s one-click maps, which have proved an instant hit with the industry with over 5,000 professionals already using the technology.

The Solution: Edozo Maps.

Edozo Maps allow property professionals to save time and money. Our maps are simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Making Maps Simple.

With a clean product design and layout, Edozo Maps are simple and easy to use.

Edozo maps works across all browsers generating easy to download files. The maps can be downloaded in various scales, sizes and file types (jpeg, pdf and png) making them simple to add to reports. Edozo has a wide range of OS map types relevant to property professionals, including MasterMap, City, Street, Town, Vector Map, Raster Miniscale, Aerial and Street view.

Industry Leading Customer Service.

If at any point you get stuck, we have our experts on hand to help. We pride ourselves on our great customer service with a human on the end of the telephone.

We provide free and unlimited one to one or company-wide training and will provide you with access to a regularly updated Training Library with a suite of simple training videos.

Fast and Accurate.

Our one-click boundary map feature linked to the Land Registry (Auto Polygon™) means you can produce 100% accurate freehold boundary maps in seconds. Our unique merge-polygon feature allows you to merge multiple freehold polygons together, saving you time with your site assembly.

Only Edozo Maps allows you to switch mapping layers whilst keeping your work and location, aiding the fast creation of multiple map types.

All Edozo Maps are RICS and Land Registry compliant.

Cost Effective.

We provide complete transparency with our pricing. It is free to sign up, there is no minimum commitment and you will only ever pay for the maps you produce.

Save time and money now with Edozo Maps.